Our pictures of Theo will mostly be available in private feeds instead of on social media. That means you get more photos, more often! (Usually a few per day.)

Shared Photo Stream

The easiest method, if you have an Apple ID, is to get an invite to our shared Photo Stream. That should work on any iOS device, iPhoto for Mac, and iCloud Control Panel for Windows. Just send us a message with the email address you'd like invited! You'll be able to like and comment there.

BitTorrent Sync

If you want a folder of images synced to your computer, download and install BitTorrent Sync. Send us a message, and we'll send you the secret key so you can subscribe to the folder. This is currently the only way we share movies.

Finally, there is a web gallery that should work in all modern browsers. This is the same as the sync folder, except there are no movies. Send us a message and we'll give you the password.